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  • About Us
    First Effect websites attract thousands of users every month and provide opportunities for brands to interact directly with their target market.
  • Ski Blog
    Janet Smith and Andrew Davis share their views on sking related news, gear, resorts and life in the mountains.
  • Ski Resorts
    The opinion of what makes a ski resort one of the best is subjective. This website expresses the opinions of Andrew Davis and Janet Smith.
  • Piste Maps
    Borne out of a frustration, Piste Maps endeavours to make it easy to view and download the latest piste map for ski resorts around the world.
  • Ski Maps
    Ski Maps focuses on trail maps for American and Canadian ski resorts. Making it easy to view and download the latest ski map for each ski resort.
  • Resort Review
    This website aims to be a comprehensive resource for serious skiers planning to get the most out of every ski trip.
  • Resorts Review
    Trying to decide the best use of this URL to provide a valuable internet resource.